Tressa Avestruz, First Runner-Up Mrs. MN America 2010

You truly are a miracle worker!! I did the Mrs. MN America pageant on a wing and a prayer this year, and you helped me pull it off with a style that I didn’t believe I could afford! I love the fact that you worked within a budget that was not very forgiving. It showed me that you aren’t  just in it for the money, but really want to help people have the best pageant experience they can and not feel like they have to take out a second mortgage to do so. Heather Hall likened you to a fairy god mother, and that is an amazingly correct analogy. I certainly felt like Cinderella when they called my name for “Best in Evening Gown” and ”Best in Swimsuit”, both of which you helped me pick out. You made my 2010 pageant something that I will remember and treasure for years…and that is what it is all about. I look forward to working with you in the future!
Thanks for everything!!!

Tressa Avestruz

First Runner-Up Mrs. MN America 2010

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