Mindy Urzua, Mrs. Minnesota International 2011

MY Sarah:
I will never forget the first time I met you. I parked on the street across from your house. I walked in timid, not knowing what to expect. You saw me and you hugged me said something smart 😉 and I knew right then I would want to be your friend forever.
I was NO WHERE near my goal weight for competition. In fact, I’m not bashful to say, I couldn’t even get A gown on my body! We had to hold them up to ‘get an idea.’ Needless to say, this was an uncomfortable situation. With all those ‘stranger eyes’ on me at my most very vulnerable, I feel like it would have been reasonable for me to cry, but the goodness and the sweetness in the room flowed so natural. I just need you to know how impressed I am at your grace and tenderness. Thank you.
THE GOWN – the chosen one – didn’t take long at all to choose! We held up many, but always came back to my ‘disco dress.’ Leigh Price was the celebrity in the house 😉 and I told him, ‘I just love this one. This is it… it’s kind of rock’n’roll, I’m not a cookie cutter kind of girl. This dress is DISCO!’ He said, ‘It’s supposed to be honey – this is a pageant!’
And so it goes.. I lost 50 pounds and got crowned in that disco dress gown! This was my very first pageant, I am one-for-one, and I am looking for a two-for-two at nationals in July!
Thank you, MY Sarah, for The Pageant Shop, it’s sweetness, your sweetness, your support and overwhelming encouragement and the absolute, without a doubt WINNING LOOK!
Love You
Mindy Urzua
Mrs. Minnesota International 2011
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