Krista Wanous Miss International 2012

Sarah Moses has the unique talent of being able to fit a girl into a gown that brings out her best physical traits, her personality, her glamour, and make her look like she had only imagined in her dreams. Her gowns are from top designers, the highest quality and always on trend. She knew exactly what dress would be perfect for me before I even stepped into it. At first I was wary of leaving my own ideas behind, but I should have trusted Sarah from the very beginning because when I put my trust in her, she put me in a gown that was better than I had ever imagined.
Never ending thank you’s to you Sarah for giving me your time and talent and making me look as beautiful as I felt in the spotlight. You helped turn a shy girl into a girl who commanded attention when she stepped onto stage. Even 5 months after I won my title, I still receive constant compliments and offers to buy the gowns I’ve gotten from Sarah.
Not only did I win the title of Miss Minnesota International 2012 in a Pageant Shop gown, but also the title of Miss International 2012 and best in evening gown! It is a gown I will cherish forever because it is the gown I was wearing when my dreams came true! Thank you Sarah, I love you!!

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012-Best in Evening Gown Winner
Miss Minnesota International 2012

Photo by Paula Preston

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