Congratulations to the new Mrs. Minnesota International 2017! Stephanie Welter!



When I first walked into the showroom of The Pageant Shop I could not take my eyes off the walls filled with photos of beautiful women in breathtaking gowns and glimmering crowns on their heads. Clearly I was in the right place! Sarah took one look at me, disappeared into her magical fortress of wardrobe and handed me one exquisite gown after the other to try on. I was blown away that everything she handed me was one glorious creation after the other….she knew what size, color and style would look best on my body and that made the selection process incredibly easy. Sarah dresses winners. She has been for years and I trust her to have in stock or to help create the showstopper. I’m thrilled to say that we won evening gown thanks to the beautiful and very unique Jovani she slipped me into. She’s a pro at styling, creating and knowing what not only looks good on the girl, but what various pageant systems require and are looking for in terms of style, stage presence and design. Thank you Sarah for dressing this Queen for the ball! Love you!

Stephanie Welter
Mrs. Minnesota International 2017




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