Karly Knaus-Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2016

I will never forget walking into the Pageant Shop for the first time. I was on a mission to find a gown for Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2016 and walked out with so much more than a gown. I walked out with the gown, of course, but I also walked out with a gorgeous opening number dress as well. It doesn’t stop with the gown and opening number; I walked out with a lifelong friend who I will always adore. Sarah made choosing my gown such a smooth process. She had so many options and had the eye to help offer good options for ME! I left the Pageant Shop happy as ever and more importantly confident as ever. I went on to compete for Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2016 that September and captured the crown. I truly believe it was the amazing wardrobe and support from Sarah that was a huge part as to why I was able to do it and feel confident doing so! The gown choices at the Pageant Shop are amazing and Sarah is even more amazing!

Karly Knaus
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